In Our Own Words: Stories of Civilians who Served in Danger Zones

This project is to capture oral histories on video from civilians who have recently served as advisors, trainers, teachers, journalists, administrative support staff, translators, cultural advisors, etc., in conflict zones, high threat security environments and disaster areas.  The purpose being to learn from those who have recently served or currently serving what their challenges were, who inspired them, what they learned and how they coped during their service and afterwards.  

Additionally, the stories will help to educate the public about the work of civilians in these environments.  Very few know of or have heard about the hundreds of thousands of contractors, government civilians, teachers, trainers, construction workers, security workers, etc., who serve in harms way.  Stories of sacrifice, heroism and inspiration of civilians who have served in danger zones need to be shared with the American people.

We have identified the following areas as possible

subjects that we wish to create pre, during and post deployment videos in the areas of:


Heroism & Recognition in Service; Preparing for Deployment; Upping Psychological Resilience; A Day in the Life of for a Deployed Civilian; Long Distance from Home and Long Days at Work; Staying Connected and Supportive with Faraway Families & Friends; Who to Tell & When - Protecting Loved Ones from Bad News; What to Expect as a Woman; Adventure, Fun & Relaxation; Skill Building & Improving Resume; Managing Expectations & Celebrating Small Successes; Duck & Cover & the Big Voice - Differentiating Mortars from Missiles; Challenges of Witnessing Destruction and Facing Evil; Bricks & Mortars – Rebuilding in an Unsafe
Environment; Acute Stress Responses Upon Encountering Danger & Death;  When Trauma Resides in the Soul Bouncing Back;  Medications, Alcohol and other ways of Coping; Love in a Danger Zone; Anxiety, Panic, Sleeplessness, Pain, Depression - All Kinds of Strange Responses to Distress; Trigger a Flashback – Good or Bad; Injury & Loss of Functions; Traumatic Bereavement – Getting Beyond Grief; Being a Good Buddy – Recognizing Trouble in Others; Re-entry, Reunion, Reverse Culture Shock & Reintegration; Financial Planning in Faraway Posts; It’s not Kansas—Understanding & Appreciating other Cultures; Understanding Multinational and Multiagency Dynamics; Working with and Understanding the Military Mindset; Preparing for and Coping with Danger; Mindfulness, Calming & Other Coping Mechanisms

If you are interested in participating in the We Served Too oral history video project, please complete the video interest form.  A We Served Too team member will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the video project  

We are committed to promoting the resilience, recognition, and well-being of civilians serving in conflict zones and high-threat environments.

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