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International Job Opportunities

We are committed to promoting the resilience, recognition, and well-being of civilians serving in conflict zones and high-threat environments.

Civilian Interviews

In recent times, civilians have played an ever-growing role in deploying to conflict zones in support of the U.S. military. In September 2007 in Iraq, the U.S. had 171,000 contractors, slightly more than the 170,000 troops deployed. In 2010, contract employees outnumbered even U.S. troops by 112,000 to 94,000, according to a Government Accountability Office estimate. Yet civilians are often much less prepared for the trauma and hardship they may encounter and do not have the same support network as veterans when they return.

We Served Too aims to provide resources for civilians to prepare them for international assignments in high-threat zones. In addition, we provide supportive information to assist civilians during their time in country and upon their return.