Dr. Peter R. Mansor

Former Executive Officer

Multi-National Forces in Iraq

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‘‘The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been difficult ventures, but the nation could not have achieved its objectives in either conflict without the support of American civilians, who came to the fight with a number of critical specialties and who shouldered more of the load than their numbers would suggest. The Nation owes our civilian veterans a great deal of gratitude for their service in the nation’s wars since 9/11.’’ 


We are committed to promoting the resilience, recognition, and well-being of civilians serving in conflict zones and high-threat environments.

We Served Too is dedicated to understanding the challenges civilians face, and learning from their experiences through research and engagement. Our efforts help civilians better prepare for deployment and support them during deployment. We are creating a support network and giving civilians recognition civilians deserve when they return.


We Served Too aims to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Support resilience, health and well-being
  • Create a web-based community and support network
  • Conduct research
  • Develop educational materials
  • Offer other information resources (reports, job postings)